Making the long road of Carbon foot-printing shorter...

Carbon foot printing for your business shouldn’t be complicated - Although it might seem it. CarbonMate is here to make the road ahead quicker and easier - to help you on the journey by helping you provide the solution, and by answering the key Carbon questions; What will your business gain? How much will it save? What are the benefits? How much will it cost? Carbon reduction will save your business money, and will make your environmental policy stand out in the crowd, especially in large tenders. From as little as £180. Start your journey here.

Change doesn’t have to be daunting…

If you look at carbon calculating a certain way, it’s another time-draining requirement of doing business with the big corporates and public bodies. But, if you look at carbon calculating the CarbonMate way, it’s an easy, effective (and actually not too expensive) way to gain invaluable competitive advantage. CarbonMate provides you with the correct range of information so that you can either advance your company right to the top of the tender list and onto those contracts that your business wants, and needs. What’s not to like? Begin the change here.

Quite simply, we de-mystify the carbon calculation process…

…and we make getting your results almost as easy as 123. Think of it like financial accounting, with the right accountant, you are presented you with your monthly or quarterly accounts. With CarbonMate, the same happens by giving you the straight up reports you need. And we promise you, it couldn’t be less painful. To help your 'Carbon Literacy' we’ve created new calculation software that is as clever as it comes. Try it – it’s super-intuitive and 'wizard-like' in its operation.

What does a carbon calculator do

What do we do?

At the core of what we do is an application that guides you through the process of calculating your business carbon footprint, year-on-year. This is an excellent start for any business - ONLY when you know how much CO2e your business emits can you take the next step to start reducing it.

Who needs carbon calculating

Who is it for?

Whether you are a sole trader or a medium size business, in any sector, if your business wants (or needs) to calculate its CO2e emissions and ultimately reduce them, then we believe Carbon calculating software and tips will help you complete the process. Is this you?

Why use carbon calculator

Why use us?

Like every sensible business investment there’s an initial outlay. But it’s not massive and once you’ve subscribed you can be sure that carbon reduction will save your business money. Once you know your footprint, you can start hitting the minus buttons and reducing straight away.

Start calculating the carbon footprint of your business here

Our simple step-by-step software will guide you through all of the data needed to provide an accurate measurement.

Reduce your co2e emissions

Reducing your business carbon emissons will save your business money

Reducing your business CO2e emissions will save your business money - everyone knows that. However, if you sell in to large supply chains, your chances of success can also increase. Large businesses are increasingly asking for Carbon data from businesses like yours. Do you have the answers? Put your carbon footprint data at the top of your environmental policy and you can be sure you’ll stand out to the right procurement managers - and that can only be a good thing.

Carbon Mate

Are you a CRC compliant company with a focus on your Scope 3 emissions?

CarbonMate can help you educate and communicate with your supply chain and increase the ability of your suppliers to give you accurate product related carbon data.

Increasing focus on all Scope 3 emissions is the way forward, best practice even - it could well make all the difference if you take the lead and offer support to those smaller businesses in your supply chain, ask us how.

Carbon Reduction in the UK

CarbonMate will be running events across the Country, come and see us

CarbonMate will be running events across the country, working with large supply chains to educate and inform the many businesses that supply them how carbon footprinting can help.

Our aim is help you measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions in your day-to-day business activity. Contact us to be kept informed on where the next event is near you.